Agro Chemicals

Agro Chemicals

For Agrochemicals - Pesticides, Biocides, Herbicides & Industrial Chemicals; Bioneeds offers GLP toxicology studies, Eco-toxicology studies, Phys-Chem analysis and Complete Solutions for registration according to OECD, CIPAC, OPPTS, SANCO, EC, EPA, CIBRC, OCSPP, ISO, JMAFF, SETAC and other regulatory test guidelines.


We undertake custom synthesis from milligram to kilogram scale, process development / optimization, development of cost reduction processes, novel and non-infringing processes.

GLP Toxicology Studies

  • Acute Toxicity Studies – Oral & Dermal

  • Corrosion, Irritation & Skin sensitization

  • Acute & Repeated dose Inhalation studies

  • Repeat-dose Sub-acute, Sub-chronic and Chronic studies

  • Reproductive Toxicity studies

  • Genotoxicity studies

Ecotoxicology Studies

Ecotox studies will be conducted as per CIBRC, OECD, EC, EPA OCSPP, ISO, JMAFF, SETAC and other regulatory Test Guidelines on wide range of test species:

  • Alga

  • Lemna

  • Daphnids

  • Fish

  • Earthworm

  • Birds

  • Honeybees

Other Studies

  • E-fate studies

  • Biodegradability studies

Phys-Chem Studies

  • 5-batch analysis

  • Analytical testing & Characterization as per OECD

  • Impurity profiling

  • Synthesis of Impurities, Metabolites and Intermediates

Toxicology Packages as per OECD, EPA, CIBRC

OECD 420/423/425/402/403

Acute Oral, Dermal, Inhalation Toxicity Study


OECD 404/405

Acute Dermal Irritation, Mucous Membrane Irritation/Acute eye irritation Study


OECD 407/408/410/411/412/413

Repeated dose 28/90/180 Day Study Oral, Dermal, Inhalation


OECD 421/422/415/416

Reproduction Study/Multi generation Study


OECD 414

Teratogenicity Study


OECD 452

Chronic Toxicity Study


OECD 451

Carcinogenicity Study


OECD 453

Combined Chronic Toxicity and Carcinogenicity Studies


Ecotoxicology Test Packages

OECD 201

Alga, Growth Inhibition Test

Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata

OECD 202, OECD 211

Daphnia sp. Acute Immobilisation Test Daphnia Reproduction test

Daphnia magna (Water flea)

OECD 203

Fish, Acute Toxicity Test

Cyprinus carpio (Common carp)
Oncorhynchus mykiss (Rainbow trout)
Brachydanio rerio (Zebra fish)

OECD 205, OECD 206

Avian, Acute Dietary Toxicity Test
Avian, Reproduction Test

Columba livia (Pigeon)
Coturnix japonica (Japanese quail)

OECD 207, OECD 222

Earthworm, Acute Toxicity Test
Earthworm, Reproduction Test

Eisenia fetida

OECD 213, OECD 214

Honeybees, Acute Toxicity Test (Oral & Contact)

Apis mellifera
Apis indica

OECD 221

Lemna Growth Inhibition Test

Lemna gibba (Duckweed)

OECD 223

Avian Acute Oral Toxicity Test

Columba livia (Pigeon)
Coturnix japonica (Japanese quail)

OECD 216, OECD 217

Soil Micro Organism-Nitrogen and Carbon transformation test


Tailor made studies and studies with native species are also conducted as per Sponsors' requirements.

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