Integrated Discovery, Development  &

Regulatory Services


Bioneeds is a Leading Indian, Bangalore-based Chemistry CRO (Contract Research Organization) providing End-to-end chemistry services to Industrial Chemical Companies or Industries.

Medicinal Chemistry

  • Generation of Hits
  • Transforming Hits to Leads
  • Optimization of Leads
  • Developing drug candidates
  • Biological screenings against known or client's targets

Agrochemical Research

  • Helps in discovering novel field candidates
  • Hit identification
  • Hit to Lead
  • Lead Optimization

Synthetic Capabilities

  • Sensitive reactions from milligram to kilogram scale
  • Reaction temperature ranging from -780C to 2500C
  • Chiral Chemistry, Asymmetric synthesis & chiral resolution
  • Halogenation, Nitration, Sulfonation, Cyanation
  • LDA, n-BuLi, t-BuLi, NaH, NaNH reactions
  • NaBH4 , LiAlH4 , Borane, DIBAL, Pd/C, Pt2O reactions
  • Suzuki, Buchwald, Mitsunobu, Friedel-Crafts, Wittig, Grignard reactions

Custom Synthesis

Bioneeds can offer Custom Synthesis of a wide variety of organic compounds on the milligram to kilogram scale at a competitive price.

  • New Chemical Entities (NCE's)
  • Heterocyclic building blocks & Scaffolds
  • Complex molecules, Intermediates and Prodrugs
  • Reference compounds synthesis
  • Metabolites & Impurities synthesis

Process R&D

  • Route scouting
  • Process optimization
  • Impurity profiling
  • Identification of Critical Process Parameters Using Design of Experiment (DoE)
  • Analytical Method Development
  • Process Development for ready commercialization
  • Manufacturing from gram to multi kilograms level

Analytical Services

  • Raw material characterization as per latest Pharmacopoeia (USP / BP / EP / IP / JP)
  • Method development as per ICH guidelines
  • Method validation as per ICH guidelines
  • Impurity profiling, Isolation and Characterization
  • Trace / heavy metal analysis using AAS and ICP-MS techniques
  • Organic Volatile Impurities, Residuals, solvents as per USP
  • Extractable and Leachables analysis

Bioneeds can offer a number of flexible business models that help you to manage your development risk, conserve your R&D budget, and appropriately reward successful development outcomes.

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